Gem Legacy is a 501(c)3 Charity Nonprofit

Our Mission

Support vocational training, entrepreneurship, and community development in East African artisanal gem mining communities.

Our Initiatives

Vocational Training

Education: the key to opening opportunities for the next generation


Investing in the dreams of artisanal colored gemstone miners

Community Development

Bolstering all members of artisanal mining communities

100% of donations go direct

Thanks to our Board of Directors, Gem Legacy is able to give donors full transparency: no fees are removed from contributions.

All contributions are tax-deductible.

Our Current Campaigns


$30 Silicosis Prevention

Silicosis is a disease brought on through inhaling crystalline silica dust. It causes irreversible damage to the lungs and often leads to premature death. Tanzanite mining is prone to it because of the geology of the region and the largely underground, enclosed mining practices, which occur without sufficient ventilation. Providing miners with proper masks and filters can prevent inhalation of silica dust.


$125 Miner Toolkits

80-90% of all East African miners are farming miners or mining farmers! They use their farming tools to do hard-rock mining, leaving them ill-equipped for safety and success. We want to equip them with the essential tools for self-protection and ensure they effectively reach their goal: gemstones!

1 +
$125 Miner Toolkits sponsored
Secondary School Scholarships for Mwatate Children’s Home
1 +
Gem Miners & Brokers receiving gemological education
Annual young adult scholarships to attend the Gemological & Gem Faceting School

What We Do

Gem Legacy is committed to supporting artisanal colored gemstone mining regions and creating long-term projects to: expand the power of vocational training, empower entrepreneurs, and invest in community development. 

Other Ways You Can Help

$ 1

1 year of breakfast and lunch for a Kitarini Primary School student

$ 1

1 Silicosis Prevention Mask and replacement filter for a Tanzanite Miner

$ 1

1 Miner Toolkit, customized with the tools needed by each individual miner

$ 1

1 secondary school scholarship for a Mwatate Children’s Home student

$ 1

1 scholarship to attend the Gemological & Gem Faceting School’s 5 month program

1 Donation Leaves a Forever Legacy

100% of Every Donation Goes Direct to Initiatives