$125 Miner Toolkits

80-90% of all East African miners both farm and mine – farming miners or mining farmers! They use their farming tools to do hard-rock mining, leaving them ill-equipped for safety and success. We want to equip them with the essential tools for self-protection and effectively reaching their goal: gemstones! 

About the Toolkits

Toolkits Include

blasting tools

head light
pick axe
hand drill


Miner Toolkits are customized based on the individual needs of the mine and style of work.

338 Toolkits Funded

Gem Legacy is committed to ensuring each toolkit is delivered to a miner at the highest level of need in East Africa. We work with local, 3rd party partners on the ground to analyze and assess the mines which would receive the most benefit from an investment of tools and equipment. All mines receiving toolkits do not have any outside access to funding or financial support.

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