Sanawari Primary School

Most children in Tanzania stop attending school after Primary School, the US equivalent of Elementary School. Gem Legacy’s goal is for the the 1,500 students of the Sanawari Primary School, age 5-14, in Arusha, Tanzania to beat the odds and continue their education. An annual $75 scholarship is the key to kids continuing on to Secondary School, the US equivalent to Middle and High School.

The Sanawari Primary School was founded in 1942 and the 31 teachers currently employed by the school are pioneers in modernizing the Tanzanian educational system.

Sponsor a $75 Scholarship

Funds the purchase of the required uniforms, books, equipment, notebooks and pencils, and lunch fee.

Past Initiative: New Sanitation Stations

Sanawari’s 1,500 students were using 5 modern toilets and 15 of the pictured “hole” toilets, which did not have adequate plumbing, were causing extensive smell and overflow issues, and sparked widespread disease.

Gem Legacy has funded 20 modern toilets, including new buildings with doors and ventilation, toilets, plumbing, septic tank, and sinks with heated water.

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