Get Involved:
Giving Back Together

If you are part of the jewelry industry, these ideas are for you!

First Steps


Send a letter to your clients about your charitable partnership

Share Digitally

Social media posts, email blasts, website banners, and more


Involve staff with Gem Legacy videos

Local Press

Share press release announcement with your community and media outlets

Website Update

Post your “Official Partner” logo to your website

Giving Back Page

Add a “Giving Back” page to your website (template)

Ideas To Get Started


Auctions, etc.

Sell African Handicrafts

Handicrafts made by Tanzanian Maasai women can be purchased in bulk and sold for donations: beaded bracelets, bookmarks, salad tongs, beaded coasters, and stuffed animals.

Have An Idea? Need Help Getting Started? Have Questions?

We’d love to hear from you! The opportunities to share the story, give back, and integrate missions are endless. The Gem Legacy Team is here to support you and your mission to give back.