Kitarini Primary School

The Kitarini Primary School in Northern Tanzania is uniquely situated to have an exponential impact on the lives of the children of Maasai Ruby miners. Its attendance wavered around 100 before Gem Legacy’s breakfast and lunch program swelled attendance to over 900!

In 2022, Gem Legacy funded 372,800 meals.

1 %

Before Food Program

1 %

After Food Program

$25/year Feeds 1 Child Every Day

Breakfast and Lunch, every school day

What Food Changes

Providing food is the key to incentivizing education to this marginalized sector of youth in Tanzania. Attending school is not historically part of the Maasai culture, which is traditionally nomadic and famous for herding animals. The tribe is very family oriented and include their children in the family business, which often draws children away from school before finishing Primary School.

Getting to School

Most of the students walk 45-90 minutes to attend school. We want their bellies to be full after that morning exercise and before lessons begin!

On Time for Class (and Breakfast)

Daily breakfast encourages the students to make the trip and arrive on time for the beginning of class!

Energy for Learning

Prior to the meal program, students falling asleep in class was an ongoing problem. Ensuring they are full and satisfied has worked wonders keeping them awake for class!

Staying for a full day of Class

The lunch meal is actually provided at the end of the class day, which incentivizes the students to remain in lessons for the entirety and not leave during a break.

Past Projects

Soccer Balls, Candy, & More!

Teacher Housing

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Library filled with books

$25/year Feeds 1 Child Every Day

Breakfast and Lunch, every school day