Career Fairs & College Scholarships

Attending college exceeds the financial capacity for many families, especially those in small scale mining. The scholarship program will provide opportunities for children of mining communities to attend a domestic college for 2 to 3 years, depending on the student’s field of study. This initiative is available to past graduates of Kitarini Primary School and Mwatate Children’s Home students. 

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$20 sponors 1 student to attend an Annual Career Fair


Coordinated with Gem Legacy’s efforts to provide opportunities for higher education, we want to encourage apprenticeships, vocational training, and college. We will host Annual Career Fairs to inspire students to understand their unique skills and explore potential careers and passions. Career Fairs will be available to students from all of Gem Legacy’s Community Development initiatives, with presentations from the local workforce. 

College Scholarship Case Studies

Fees will vary with field of study.
$ 1
Government School Teacher

A child from a mining area attends college to become a teacher (total for 2 years)

$ 1
Medical Doctor

A child from a mining area attends college to become a doctor (total for 3 years)

Meet the Future College Attendees