COVID-19 Relief

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Gem Legacy is actively working to serve the most urgent needs in the gem mining communities of East Africa with innovative solutions to ensure their holistic success. Even now, the impact of COVID-19 is a heavy burden on mining families so we ask your continued support for the duration of the pandemic.

Meals Delivered

Feeding Gem Miners

$250 feeds the families of one artisanal mine while they are unable to sell their gem rough since gem buyers are not currently traveling to mining regions.  

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Food for At-Risk Kids

$25 feeds one student at high risk of malnutrition while school suspension leaves children without government sponsored lunch.

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Sanitation & Awareness

With every food delivery to an artisanal mine, a water tank, soap, masks, and CDC guidelines for protection and prevention are included. 

Our Afrocentric Response to COVID-19

Jambo (hello!) from Arusha, Tanzania! Now more than ever, Gem Legacy is working to respond quickly and effectively to the most basic needs of gem mining communities. With kids losing government sponsored lunches at school and gem buyers absent for several months, the needs are truly essential for daily survival: food, water, and sanitary supplies. The effects of COVID-19 on jobs and incomes has reached its ugly fingers to the far corners East Africa and Gem Legacy is committed to supporting the marginalized by finding innovative solutions until usual resources have been reinstated. Your continued support is not just “changing lives” right now, it is SAVING LIVES.

Best wishes for your health and wellness,

Rachel Merisheki
Director of Communication and Outreach
On-ground supervisor for all COVID-19 Relief Efforts